Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Holiday! by Theo

Made it! After a less-than-frantic end of term as I managed to stay on top of marking, planning and prepping revision materials for Year 11, we hit the holidays dancing. In a couple of senses.

Rosie now has her own playlist on the ipod (featuring Feist, The Fall, Manu Chao, Bucky, Harry Belafonte) abd a post-dinner dance with Daddy is rapidly becoming part of her routine. Meanwhile Kate and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with an evening of dance at Circo Media, watching rather than participating, which was enjoyable if not spectacular. I'm now trying to squeeze an EPS assignment around various visits before we head down to Cornwall at the weekend.

Best of all though, as I'm still a student, rather than a fully fledged teacher, I get 3 weeks off!

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