Thursday, 19 April 2012

What's this? A weekend? by Theo

Yep, despite our tiny budget and tiny toddler, we managed to make a weekend of it! Our dear friend Ayesha came up from London to spend Saturday with us and was an instant hit with Rosie (though of course they have met before).In the evening we splashed out on our lovely local babysitter allowing us to introduce Ayesha to one of our old haunts (The Folk House) and three of our favourite local singers - Roger Tarry, Annette Berlin and Caroline Martin.

Roger was as good as ever - we've been watching him play for getting on for 10 years now (Kate pointed out she doesn't think his hairstyle has changed in that whole period!) but it was the first time we've seen him sing with Caroline and a cellist in tow - haunting stuff.

Amazingly this was the first time we'd seen Annette playing as herself - we're more used to seeing her front noiseniks Big Joan - and indeed this was her first outing as a duo, with Suzie on piano, not that you could tell. There were some moments where you imagined other instruments would have filled out the songs more, but the harmonising was beautiful.

Finally the leading lady Caroline came on stage, launching a new album. I've been watching Caroline play for nearly 10 years too (and have even toured with her) and was wondering whether marriage and impending motherhood would have mellowed her. Nope! Still singing sparse, beautiful and delicious dark songs of gender danger. Love it!

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