Sunday, 22 April 2012

DJ Rosie

It all started when she heard Michael Kiwanuka's "I'm getting ready" on 6Music. Suddenly this little piping voice was singing out the refrain "oh Lord!" at random moments. Next came Feist's "How come you never go there" (translated into "hup de lola") and DJ Rosie began to compile her playlist (with her parents' help) of her favourite tunes.

Some she'd heard on the radio - Graham Coxon, The Fall - or playing somewhere in a cafe - The Clash's "London Calling" was an instant hit. Others were favourite songs from CDs - Laura Veirs' "Oh Why" and Harry Bellafonte's "Jump Down Spin Around". Dad snuck a few on, hoping to either improve her Spanish (Manu Chao's  "Me gustas tu" proved popular) or educate her about Bristol ("It's the doggy one" Rosie shouts every time Bucky's "Hi Fido" comes on).

However, without a doubt, the most popular song - added by Dad after her reaction to Graham Coxon's latest single - is Blur's "Song 2". Thank goodness it's only 2 minutes long!

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