Tuesday, 10 April 2012

First Ice cream by Kate

So here we are in beautiful Cornwall and beaching is an absolute must when it comes to appreciating the Cornish experience in full.

Rosie's enjoyment of Perranuthnoe Beach was a bit mixed today - the tide was right out displaying a magnificent expanse of damp sand washed with gentle breakers and somewhat windswept - which was the bit Rosie didn't like at all. Nor did she like Mummy and Daddy trying to steer her away from the deeper sandpools, not quite understanding that we had her own best interests (and height of diminutive wellies) in mind. And she was very displeased about the saturated sand's annoying habit of sucking at her boots when she was trying to walk.

Luckily, a comparatively sheltered corner with shallow pools and decent digging sand restored her good temper, as did the promise of an ice-cream.

Rosie's maternal grandmother generously supplied this last to the assembled company and Rosie had the initially baffling, but increasingly enjoyable task of working out how to best consume her lolly.
It took Rosie a good ten minutes to confidently apply her tongue to the lolly, but once she got the hang of that, there was no stopping her. Theo meanwhile, who was holding her at the time, was becoming increasingly twitchy about the length of time and the mess the process involved and resolved never to allow Rosie another ice-lolly until she was old enough to make a more efficient job of it.
GM pointed out that mastery of this skill would necessitate plenty of practice. They didn't reach a point of agreement. I suspect Rosie will be amply supplied with holiday ice creams in the future despite Daddy's prohibition.

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