Sunday, 25 March 2012

getting there - by Theo

One week to go of the Spring Term and I feel as if I'm on the verge of reaching a tipping point, upon which everything will become much easier (or possibly much harder, but in other ways). Planning has become quick, easy and relatively stress free. While not every lesson goes to plan - several Year 9 students are still trying to test my resolve to make them work, by hook or by crook - the majority do. My marking work load has grown, but I'm getting quicker and more focussed in that area too. My do list is gradually shortening, with a few long-standing items finally ticked off. I feel that I am not bending the the truth when I reply in the affirmative to yet another query from a random pupil as to whether I am a 'real' teacher. It's all starting to gel.

So much so in fact that I felt able to take most of yesterday off: I spent the morning baking with Rosie while Kate hit a newly new sale, then we all headed off for a delicious brunch with Tom and Claire in Long Ashton, followed by a walk in the beautiful sunshine to the local play park. My life is slowly returning. Fabulous.


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  2. No worries Peter - I've e mailed you with a couple of suggestions.

    buena suerte!