Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pudding - by Theo

Here in the Berry Salisbury household we do pudding in style. No crappy ice-cream for us; oh no! Instead we veer from fabulously healthy (and symmetrical) to ridiculously indulgent. The former for Rosie, the latter for us!

We've no idea whether Kate's beautiful arrangements of fresh fruit in yoghurt actually encourage Rosie to eat them or not, but she's always delighted when they are placed in front of her and they are swiftly forked (Rosie's latest skill) into submission. We also hope she's acquiring something of her mother's aesthetic.
Meanwhile our first dinner guests in our new house, our former student Magda and her boyfriend Charlie, brought with them a sumptuous chocolate fountain and assorted goodies, some healthy some not, to dunk in. I'd completely forgotten that Magda had offered to bring a postre, so I quickly shoved the crumble I'd prepared to one side and got on with melting chocolate. It was absolutely delicious - of course, as if fresh strawberries in dark chocolate could be anything but - and it made renewing our friendship (we hadn't seen them for nearly two years) even more sweet.

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  1. Fantastic to meet your gorgeous little Rosie and to see you again. Looking forward to the return lunch in our house! Hasta pronto x Magda