Friday, 22 July 2011

Kate's cooking - by Theo

Since we returned to Bristol a strange thing has happened - Kate has started cooking again.

It's not that she never cooked in Madrid, but I would say 95% I did, especially after Rosie was born when I would usually make lunch then leave something out for Kate's dinner as well. It was just our dynamic I guess, and my way of trying to make motherhood easier for Kate by allowing her to concentrate on that without feeling she needed to be in charge of feeding the two of us as well as our daughter.

However, with my new job I leave for work at 8am and get back around 5pm; our Spanish timetable, with Rosie eating at 5.30ish and ourselves at nearly 9 after she had gone down just wasn't working any more. So four times this week I've walked in to the smell of delicious cooking and a hour or so later we've been sitting down as a family to an early evening meal.

A man could get used to this!!

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