Thursday, 7 July 2011

New house, new name - by Theo

So we've changed the name of the blog (again). Having begun life as a blog about our marriage and honeymoon (back then simply being called kateandtheo.blogspot), it then became a blog about us finding our way in Spain's capital and as thus changed to movingtomadrid.blogspot. However, as we no longer live in Madrid, clearly the blog needed a new name. Kate's original suggestion - sunshineandshowers - was already taken, which was a shame as this is a fairly accurate reflection of both our new home, Bristol, and our darling daughter Rosie. So instead we've settled on - a reference to both our professional (teaching) and domestic (parenting) life, our new home in the west country and a nod to one of Kate's favourite songs, The Harper Valley PTA.

We're also now in a lovely house in Redfield, Bristol, that we are renting from one of Kate's friends. It's an area neither of us knew that well, despite the fact I used to come here regularly for one thing or another, but one week in and we're charmed by the place. There's a couple of lovely parks nearby, some good shops and the local train line is proving to be very useful and reasonably priced. When we find the camera, we'll put some photos up.

Note: found it - here we are...

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