Tuesday, 5 July 2011

First day at the new job - by Theo

So for the two months before my PGCE starts I have found work with an English language school here in Bristol, where I'll be teaching during the week. Yesterday was the first day, so of course I wanted everything to go smoothly. Ha. Ha. Ha.

First of all, getting there. The school is based in Clifton, very close to where I once lived, but we're now over in Redfield - nowhere near. Fortunately there is a train that runs from Lawrence Hill station to Clifton Down, with a 10 minute walk at either end. Fine. Except the first day I had to be there at 8.30am, while the train arrives at 8.25. Not to worry - I figured I'd get my bike back from the friends we had left it with and cycle both ends.

Despite having pumped up both tires the night before, the back wheel felt a little soft as I wheeled the bike out of our yard. So on arrival at the station I asked a lady cyclist if I could borrow her pump. No problem, but just as the tyre was beginning to feel more solid, I pushed a little too hard and broke her pump. This was naturally extremely embarrassing, and I immediately gave her £10 (way more than the pump was worth, but what the hell) to compensate her. However, I had also obviously broken something else, as within 2 minutes my tyre was now completely flat. I left the bike locked up at the station and, with a sinking feeling, jumped on the train. I'm not sure what impression I gave to my new colleagues when I arrived late to our first staff meeting sweating and out of breath having ran all the way from Clifton Down, but it wasn't what I'd had in mind.

Still, after that the day seemed to go OK.... let's hope that's my one disaster out of the way!

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