Thursday, 4 February 2010

teta, pis, kaka

As our slightly crazy midwife put it - teta, pis, kaka; that's our life at the moment. Not much else going on. Ok, a hell of a lot of laundry, especially as we're using washable nappies, and shift sleeping, but everything revolves around feeding Rosie, changing Rosie and washing Rosie.

It's not all bad though - we're quite enjoying it, getting to know our little one. We've had some visitors as well - David and Nataly came around last night with takeaway pizza and beer, which was very welcome. AnneTerese is still here, though she's moving out tomorrow to an au pair placement. My mum and sister are arriving tomorrow and Kate's mum on Saturday. Kate staples came out and she's healing well, and the Spanish paperwork is nearly done. It's all good.

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