Sunday, 14 February 2010

Just popping out to weigh the baby... -by Theo

Can you do this in England? Will Boots weigh your baby for you?

One thing that bemused me at the hospital was one of the nurses telling us to take Rosie down to a pharmacist and weigh her. "Can we do that?" I wondered. "And why a pharmacist? Why not a fruit and veg shop? They've got scales!"

Yes we can is the answer - one of a the three local pharmacists within 2 minutes of our house (there's loads in Spain, all independent) has baby scales that are free to use. According to our pharmacist friend Ana (below with her boyfriend Jon) this is really common in Spain. Who knew?Anyway, we've been a few times and it's all good news. Rosie weighed 2.52kg (up from a low of 2.1kg) on Friday. Must be the drastic feeding measures we've been taking....

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