Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gifts Galore - by Theo

On a visit to meet Rosie's future-best-friend Emily, she was presented with "Rosie's Walk", a beautiful book, though it be a while before our DD - that's dear daughter in Mumsnet slang - will be appreciating the thought that went into its selection. It joins such classics as "Peepo", "Splosh Splosh" and "Crime & Punishment" on the shelf for her later enjoyment, along with several charming stuffed toys, including a safari skittle set from some Senegalese friends, which Daddy will probably have more fun playing with!

We - or rather Rosie - have been showered with gifts. It's overwhelming. We feel extremely grateful and not a little embarrassed, not least because our past record of generosity towards friends' newborns has been rather less abundant! But the packages and cards keep coming from England, Spain, France and even Ireland.

Several friends have raided their nieces' wardrobes to present us with bags overflowing with beautiful clothes. We probably aren't going to need to buy Rosie any clothes until she's 4, though for the moment only a very beautiful top from an American expat friend actually fits her (she's still on the small side), so she often looks lost inside floppy-legged baby grows.

We feel very fortunate to have such thoughtful and generous friends. Indeed it's wonderful how many people have been over to visit, helping prevent cabin fever from setting in. Rosie is one very lucky little girl.

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