Monday, 9 February 2009

Spanish lessons

We went to our first Spanish lesson this morning. 9.30am up at the International House branch Nuevos Ministerios. Naturally, being English, we were muy punctuales. There were only 5 of us to start with, outnumbered by the trainee Spanish Teachers giving us our free lessons as they practised their skills on us. Susan - a Canadian au pair, here for 6 months, who spoke even less Spanish than Kate and I - Ababacar - a student from Senegal, who seemed far too advanced for this beginner's group - and Ibrahima - the youngest at 16, also from Senegal, here to play football. The teachers were very nice, confident and clear, taking us through ice-breakers and basics - introductions, numbers and the alphabet. Nothing we didn't really already know, but it was good to have the formal structure of lessons. Plus we get to practice our French after class with Ababacar and Ibrahima!!

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