Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday the F***ing 13th

The spooky business over the clock going cuckoo this morning should have alerted me to the fact that today was going to suck. It's Friday 13th after all!

Kate and I were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first visitor in our new home, the lovely Ayesha, who was due to arrive from London at 11am today. It being Valentine's Day we'd arranged a date for her (!!) with one of my student's, Javier (well, he offered!) and we were planning a big night out tonight with a mixtures of Spanish and English friends. Unfortunately Ayesha missed her flight - not because she was late or anything, but because she couldn't find a representative of Ryanair in order to pay her airport tax. Grrrr!

She's probably arriving at 9pm on Saturday now - meaning we're going to miss the gig we'd planned to take her too where we were going to meet up with more Spanish and English friends.

Ironically enough, Murphy's Law is a topic I'm going to be teaching in class very soon....

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