Sunday, 22 February 2009

Boys and their toys

As part of the Carnival celebrations here in Madrid, Plaza Mayor played host to Frenchman Dominique Boivin and his toys. Well, one of them - a mid-sized hydraulic digger. Set to rather loud classical music this piece of modern farce... sorry... modern dance was entertaining if rather limited - as Kate pointed out there were only so many photos you could take of a middle-aged man riding around in a digger's bucket. We applauded, but 20 minutes definitely covered all the possible means of suspending yourself from a JCB arm while it whirls around.

We weren't quite sure whether Transport Exceptionnals (as the piece was called) was an elegy for Spain's moribund construction industry, a lament for a lost childhood fascination for all things mechanical or merely an emphatic riposte of penis-envy. Either way we both agreed that more sequins were required.

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