Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Business Empire Begins...

I am now officially self-employed. For the first time in my life, I am my own business. I quite like it so far - my home is my office and I don't have a boss telling me what time to come in and go home everyday.
That said, I have to keep my clients satisfied, my main one being the language organisation that sorts out my classes. Two of my classes involve an 0830 start on the other side of the city, which involves an 0630 get up time that is a good hour or so earlier than my natural preference. But it's also almost two hours later than the alarm-time for early shifts at my former job, so I console myself with that.
Despite my misgivings about doing the red tape thing at the Social Security office to complete my registration as a freelance English teacher, it was a breeze. I had correctly puzzled out the form, so didn't have to face any awkward questions beyond what I took to mean: "do you have a separate office address?" and "would you like to pay by direct debit?"
Being self-employed in Spain means you pay a base level (you can choose to pay more if you wish) of 244 Euros per month for your social security contributions and 15% income tax. Some of that could be refunded at the end of the year. With my current number of teaching hours it translates as working one week per month for the Social Security office and the other three for myself. I figure three out of four ain't bad.

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