Thursday, 7 February 2008

What I learned on my stag weekend...

So I survived my stag do - hair somewhat amazingly unshaved - and Kate coasted through her hen weekend, dignity intact despite a circumsized penis cake and flashing nipples. After a wonderful weekend in the Devon in the company of 21 of my friends (20 on the second night after my sister defected to the Hens) I have learnt the following things:
  1. Swimming pool volleyball is the best game in the world. Fact.
  2. Having girls at a stag weekend will make it more decorous, but it won't make it any less decadent.
  3. There is NEVER a time when strippers are a good idea. True fact.

However, on the drive back, severely hung-over and slightly unnerved by Beans's assault on motorway driving conventions, I felt a warm glow brought on not by nausea or even fondness for my friends, who had made the effort to travel all the way down for the weekend. Instead, my sense of wellbeing was due to the knowledge that I was coming back home to Kate, having completed my last act as a singleton. Well not as a singleton, but at least by myself; for, from now on, everything I do will be with Kate.

I can't wait!

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