Thursday, 21 February 2008

play it again Sam...

So, obviously, given the importance of music to both Kate and myself, not least as the catalyst which brought us together in the first place, music is going to play a big part not only in the ceremony (see previous post) but in the celebration of our wedding. (see right - my mother complained that the flyer was "a bit rude")

All three bands have featured on Kate's 'Fine Tuned' slot, while both Angel Tech and SJ Esau have played live sessions on my Word of Mouth show - I would have loved to have had Babel in but sadly the studio just wasn't up to holding a seven piece folk-rock outfit. More's the pity. We're really thrilled to have these three ace bands and three awesome DJs playing at our wedding, many of whom would have been invited as guests anyway, and we're sure it's going to help make the day even more special for us. It's a shame that Bucky and 3Hostwomexicansandatinofspanners couldn't make it, but then we would probably have struggled to fit five bands in!

See you down the front...

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