Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Joe & Volk

Yesterday was a very, very exciting day for us and our wedding/honeymoon plans on two counts.

Firstly, at 10:51am, Kate and I won a Purple Passion Wagon on ebay. Hurrah! We managed to bag the left-hand drive, diesel T25 Volkswagon for the bargain price of £1,120.00 in what was, in the end, a rather uneventful auction. There was one other bidder who never came anywhere near meeting our maximum bid and so there was no frantic bidding and counter-bidding at the close. Nonetheless Kate watched it home to be doubly sure. I was at work and, frustratingly, on my mobile at the time; I heard the beep as Kate's text arrived and, guessing what it was about, I broke all speed records for ending phone conversations! We're both thrilled if slightly apprehensive - the back is a bit of a blank slate so we'll need to put a bed and kitchen in ourselves - but I'm actually really looking forward to the challenge of attempting to show that I am in fact my father's son and can do DIY! We're picking it up from Yeovil on Sunday on the way back from a Salisbury/Page family gathering in Cornwall.

The second wonderful thing that happened yesterday was that the lovely and brilliant Joe Volk came over to our flat to play a private gig in our sitting room. As you do. Here's how it came about: Joe has played several gigs I've put on in the past (I've also booked a tour for him) and his superb debut solo album Derwent Waters Saint is one of our favourites. When Joe asked how he might contribute to our wedding Kate and I were quick to ask him to play during the ceremony in place of having a reading. However, as much as we love his first album and many of the songs on it (a lot), none of them are particularly appropriate for the occassion. So we asked Joe if he had any new material, at which point he offered to come over and play some stuff to us and let us record him so that we could choose something. I guess I haven't quite kicked the promotion bug yet as this offer was used an an opportunity to invite some friends round for food and wine for what turned out to be a magical and intimate little gig in our sitting room. We all sat spellbound as Joe, surrounded by an array of microphones and lit by lamps and candles, wove his mesmeric melodies over fingerpicked guitar. The recordings sound awesome. We didn't think it possible, but now we are even more excited than before at the prospect of having him play at our ceremony....

We may even have to name our van after him.

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