Sunday, 18 March 2012

Language choice - by Theo

Conversation No 1: Kate and Rosie in the car

R: Hay barcos!
K: Donde? No hay agua aqui.
R: Si. Hay lago.

Conversation No 2: Theo and Roise at home

T: Que hiciste hoy?
R: Fuiste al parque, con mama.
T: Tienes que decir "fui al parque."
R: Fui al parque.
T: Bien. Jugabas sobre los columpios?
R: Y el tobogan!

Conversation No 3: Theo and Rosie in the park.

T: Quieres bajar el tobogan?
R: No, I want to sit on the swing-swing.
T: Quieres jugar sobre el columpio, de acuerdo. Y pues, quererias ir al lago para ver los patos?
R: Go and see the ducks! OK!

It's interesting that Rosie seems to have a worked out that, when in public, it is better to speak English even when spoken to in Spanish, as it increases the likelihood that she will be understood.

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