Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rosie's nicknames - by Theo

In Madrid, Rosie has thus far been unable to gather any nicknames. For sure, there's Rosita, but that's not really a nickname, but rather the Spanish diminutive form. However, since arriving at the Rainbows - their own four children the bearers of a host of bizarre nicknames - Rosie has gathered a few herself.

Bushbie - this just arrived organically one morning, with Becky spontaneously bestowing it on Rosie.
Thumper - the Rainbow kids came up with this, based on Rosie's habit of thumping her legs down loudly when laid on her back.
Pookle - another spontaneous one that Kate, clearly feeling inspired by the surroundings, came up with.
Ruby - an old lady in the supermarket mis-heard Rosie's name and then decided, quite emphatically, that she was a Ruby. This may or may not stick.

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