Monday, 19 July 2010

Chilling in Cornwall

First stop off the boat from Santander was St Hilary, the native range of a particular hospitable tribe, the Rainbows, who welcomed us with open house.
Becky, Kate's sister, her husband Dan and their four children (Maisy 10, Elsa 8, Luca 6 and Lily 4) live on a couple of acres down a bumpy track about 10 minutes outside Penzance. It's a beautiful place, with Dr Dan managing to find time to grow a considerable amount of his own veg and raise chickens for eggs. We always enjoy staying there, only the tables have turned a bit - Kate may be the eldest but she's way behind Becky (and her other two sisters) in the motherhood stakes. Plus in the past we've been care, and responsibility, free - whereas now, with babe-in-arms, we're even more constrained than our hosts. Even more so after our Delica went in for its MOT on Friday afternoon and needed a couple of things doing to it which meant we were carless until Tuesday evening.
Still, we enjoyed our enforced weekend chill-out, and chill was certainly the right word as we'd missed the good weather and were welcomed by proper Cornish mizzle! After the car came back we managed trips to Falmouth, St Ives and the wonderfully named Mabe Burnthouse to visit various friends and relatives, with the sun finally making an appearance on Saturday in time for a walk on the beach. A lovely beginning to our long summer holiday!

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