Monday, 12 July 2010

The Rainbow World Cup - by Theo

The atmosphere was tense and electric, not a seat free in the house, the hosts buzzing with anticipation even though their national team hadn't made it to the final - nah, not talking about in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, though I'm sure all of the above is true, but the Rainbow household, here in St. Hilary, Cornwall, where we watched the 2010 Football World Cup final.

Spain versus Holland - funnily enough nearly everyone was rooting for the former! Not only do we live in Spain, but Becky (Kate's sister) had drawn Spain in a sweep-stake some friends of hers had organised, and Becky's brother-in-law Sam Rainbow (who was watching with us) also has a house in Spain, where he and his family lived for a while. The fact that Sam's wife, Neema, was the sole Dutch supporter speaks volumes as to why they no longer live there!!

Despite the tension and excitement as Spain attempted to pass their way around some brutal tackles, Becky and Dan's four kids had all joined Rosie in bed by half-time, only to be woken up again by the resounding cheer that rang out when Iniesta finally broke the dead lock deep in extra time. By that stage any vestiges of sympathy I might have had for the Dutch at losing their third World Cup final had long since evaporated!

Viva España!

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