Friday, 29 January 2010

thank heaven for little girls...

... and slings.

The sling my parents kindly bought us for Christmas has been our salvation so far, as Rosie isn't usually happy sleeping in her cot (especially not at night) but will sleep in a sling, which allows whoever is wearing her (we're doing it in shifts overnight) to get some kind of, well, not sleep exactly, but something approaching rest. Rosie starts, moves and chirrups a lot during sleep, which is very endearing, but having her tugging on my chest hair while burbling doesn't help me get much rest!

The other advantage of the sling is that Kate is able to breastfeed her while wearing it. Rosie has been a bit slow to take to the boob - she tends to give a couple of sucks then fall asleep! - so perseverance has been called for and I'm just in awe of Kate's patience and determination. Things are looking brighter on that front and she had a really good feed this morning. If she carries on putting on weight then hopefully the nurses will let Kate and Rosie come home on Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile I'm shuttling between home, hospital and various offices trying to get the requisite paperwork sorted, and resenting the time I'm having to spend away from my girls. Though I do need it. Despite the fact that there is a spare bed in the room at the Hospital I'm not allowed to use it, so for the past two nights I've been "sleeping" in a reclining chair. I'm also not allowed to use the bathroom there, so I've definitely needed to come home to shower , shave and siesta - a tired and smelly husband/father is no good to anyone!

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