Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 by Theo

Kate said I should write my own New Year piece - my reflections on the past decade and the coming year - but I find that on reflection, I don't really have any reflections. Which is odd. I mean 10 years ago, 2000, was a landmark year in my life. It was the first year I began as an adult I went traveling independently for the first time, moved to Bristol, started University. The rest of the decade was pretty amazing too - two degrees, several jobs, my first published articles, radio shows, (girl)friends, traveling, loads of different homes, Kate, getting married, and moving to Spain. Yet, despite all that I feel little emotional attachment to the passing of the decade. I'm not sure why this is, but I have my suspicions. For while all of the above (and many events not listed) were amazing and life-changing experiences, I suspect at least one event in 2010 is going to make all that look insignificant, merely the preparation for this one event - parenthood.

We've been reading parenting books - thanks Hermione - we've got the stroller/car seat - thanks Cathy - the sling - thanks Mum & Dad - and lots of clothes - thanks Bex and Jilly. In a sense we're prepared. In so many other ways we're really not. I spend half my time imagining what it will be like, what she'll be like, how it's going to change things for Kate and I, but I'm sure the reality will be very different from anything I've mentally prepared myself for. I'm excited. I can't wait. So I can't really get excited about the birth of 2010, this ending and beginning of decades, as there's another beginning, and indeed an ending, that is so much more important to me on the horizon.

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