Saturday, 30 January 2010

a comic idea

No, not a funny one, just an idea for a comic, possibly along the lines of the "Bunny Suicides" strip. "One handed Dad" it could be called. It would feature a 'super' Dad, able to do all manner of things one-handed, while with the other hand he fed, cradled or changed his baby. We'd start with relatively straightforward things - changing a tyre or cooking a meal for six - to more ridiculous things - bringing peace to the middle east or saving a penalty.

This all came about when Kate remarked on my ability to tidy away after changing Rosie's nappy after a particularly epic poo - it was like she'd emptied an entire jar of marmite in there - while cradling her in one arm. I'd got pretty good at nappy changing while we were at the hospital, but I'm going to have to rehone my skills now we're home as we're switching to washable nappies, which are comically huge on Rosie's tiny frame.

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