Thursday, 15 May 2008

strange meetings

"Theo!" came the shout down Calle de Reyes Catholics in Grenada.

Expecting it to be some other Bristolian heading, like us, to the Rocket Festival, we were both surprised to meet instead Andy and Tracy, the Kiwi couple we had met on the campsite outside Burgos. Their itinerary had brought them to Granada and later the same campsite as us.

Our neightbours at the campsite turned out to be from Bristol, Pete and Fran, over here to celebrate her birthday. A very convivial evening was spent in their company and we were later joined by Andy and Tracy, which cheered us up greatly after the depressing morning at the garage.

Tomorrow we're going to drive - very carefully - to Rocket.


  1. Hola mis amigos.
    Espero que ambos son completamente curtidos y absorbiendo un maravilloso conjunto de experiencias. Leyendo tu blog lo lleva todo vivo. Jag y yo estábamos muy movidos por la boda, fue un día maravilloso para todos.
    Tenga cuidado y estar bien
    David Bekkevold (ne Brookfield)

  2. bloomin' show off!

    lovely to hear from you Brookie - hope you and Jag are both well...

    love theo & the missus x

    hasta luego