Friday, 16 May 2008

first impressions

We're at the Rocket Festival and it's fabulous! Not much is going on yet - it's still Friday morning - though we had a lovely boogie at the Space themed Cantina Galactica last night as well as meeting lots of very friendly people.

Anyway, while Kate is off conducting various interviews she has instructed me to write a piece for BBC online which goes into far more detail

They credited it to Kate but I wrote it and took them snaps. What's mine is hers now, apparently.

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  1. Hah! I found you!
    I'm back home, my head's still banging from all kinds of bass, I didn't get much sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning in my freezing cold tent, but at least had Manuel to keep me warm.....!
    I'm really glad I met you both. I made all the right friends at the right time, in fact everything about the Rocket festival worked out fan-fucking-tastically right! My head still buzzing from lack of sleep and trying to find the right words to capture some of the past few days. i think 'bloody' with 'marvellous' is a good start.