Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Tomorrow (or possibly today depending on when I post this) I am probably going to have to have the following conversation:

"hola! Hablar ingles?"
"Vale. Se puede reponer el parabrisas trasero de nos cochecama, por favor?"
"tal vez. Que le pasa?"
"choca con un arbol ayer."

Laughter will undoubtedly ensue at this point, followed by sucking of teeth, scratching of head, rapid burst of incomprehensible Spanish, hand gestures which we will probably interpret as indicating that our Madza is not a common make so a replacement rear windscreen wont be easy to find.
I hit an olive tree parking in the campsite. We now have a hole (temporarily plugged with mosquito net) and crazy paving effect in the rear view.


Later update:

Laughter did not ensue. As feared the Mazda E2200 was not sold in Spain, and indeed isn´t that common. The insurance company is on the case but finding a new rear windscreen may take a while. Car Glass (the Spanish version of Autoglass) did a decent job of taping up the window, so we´ll probably just find a nice campsite by the beach and hole up until we get furtehr instructions.

After the Rocket Festival, of course!

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