Monday, 6 February 2012

a sweet story by Theo

Back in the depths of time (2003-2005) I was Music Editor of a local monthly magazine, Decode. Most people give me blank stares when I mention this as they probably never knew it existed, let alone recall it. However today I got a slightly different reaction...

A new PGCE student has started in the English Department at my placement school. He's at a different University, hence the different start date. As we were chatting he mentioned the name of his band, the rather excellent alt-country outfit The Weary Band. He was amazed I knew them (I've seen them a half-dozen times), so I explained my past in local journalism.

Not only did he remember Decode Magzine, but it turned out that on the strength of a review of the band in Decode a Norwegian guy, freshly arrived in the west country, went along to one of the gigs. He and the future-PGCE student became firm friends and, as a result, the Weary-PGCE student now has a Norwegian wife, his best friend's sister.

It's not often I get told that my editorial choices are responsible for wedding bells! A very sweet turn of events...

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