Sunday, 18 December 2011

M-Shed - by Theo

After a rather disastrous park trip this morning - Rosie wanted to be carried the whole way and didn't want to go on anything when she got there - we decided some indoor exercise for our tiny toddler was in order. So we bundled ourselves into Granny's Go Kart, picked up Aunty Hermione in Clifton, and headed to the M-shed on Princess Wharf.The huge ex-warehouse, which used to house the Industrial Museum, is now a free Museum of Bristol past and present (in fact several of the exhibits are left over from the Industrial Museum days). We've been there with Rosie before, with varying degrees of success - Rosie can become quite fixated on an object and will refuse to be torn away from it for ages. That's fine when the object in question is an old Anderson shelter that she can just walk into, but when it's one of the many keyboard/screen interactive activities around the museum it's a different question. They just aren't quite at Rosie height, meaning one of her devoted slaves... sorry, parents, has to hold her up, which gets tiring pretty quickly.

Much more entertaining for us was the dress up section, where visitors could try on police and fire fighter outfits. Rosie kept putting the helmets on back to front, and often ended up looking like an extra from Stars Wars. With only one minor tantrum (after we stopped her from scratching at a Beryl Cook original) we managed to extricate Rosie from keyboards, through the 'magic' doors and home for tea.
M-shed: highly recommended, especially if you have a toddler to exercise.

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