Saturday, 17 December 2011

End of Term - by Theo

Yesterday was our last day of term at the university, with many schools in the Bristol LEA having already finished for the Christmas holidays. We had tea and cake and a fairly relaxed program of feedback on the course so far, tips on behaviour management and advice on job applications. Yep, we may still have 6 months of the course to go, but we're already thinking about, and being advised on, job hunting.

Thinking back over the course, as we had to do yesterday, made me realise how much I've been enjoying being a student again. Yes, I've enjoyed the actual teaching too, and I'm really looking forward to my placement in the spring term when I'll have a 2/3rds timetable and only two days at university. But the lectures and the learning has been absolutely fascinating, while the reading we've been asked to do as research for assignments has (in most cases) been a pleasure rather than a chore, even if at times I've wondered when exactly I'd find time to fit it all in. The pace has been unrelenting - there has always been something I should be doing - even over the Christmas break we've an assignment to finish off and lessons to plan for the first week back. Yet it's been a great experience so far, and I'm going to miss the university side of things while on placement in the spring term. At the back of my mind I'm already wondering whether at some point down the line I may want to return to Bristol Uni once more...

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