Monday, 31 October 2011

Clocking On by Theo

Changing the clocks is a nightmare for parents. When, like us, you've got a toddler that habitually wakes at 6.15am putting the clocks forward by an hour has obvious disadvantages.

I'd been having to get up at 6.15am for my school placement anyway, but with half-term upon us and my University seminars not starting until 9.30, it seemed like a good plan to start trying to move Rosie's timetable back a bit later. A steady delaying of her meal, bath and bedtimes over the course of the week resulted in her going to bed at 9pm (and hour and a half later than normal) on Saturday night and Kate and I getting, joy of joys, a lie-in until 8.20 the next morning. Rock and roll!

Of course this does have a downside: we changed Rosie's timetable so effectively that she was still asleep when I left for work this morning at 7.30, so I didn't get to see her until 5pm. For all that her contrary ways usually slow me down in the mornings, I really missed giving her a morning cuddle.

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