Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthday Bike - by Theo

After months of dithering and changing my mind, I finally decided to buy a new bike. This wouldn't be cheap, as I would need all the gear as well - helmet, pump, lock, pannier, pannier bags, lights and so on. As it's my 3oth in a few days Kate suggested it should be my birthday present.
Buying a new bike wasn't quite so simple as I imagined. There was no waltzing in and just grabbing one off the rack. I had to get one in my size. It shows my ignorance about cycling that I didn't realise adult bikes came in sizes. In the end it took about 10 days to get a Barrosa Monaco made up at the Bristol Bike Workshop, which ended up being the cheapest option. Worth the wait though as it's very comfortable and leaves me no longer at the mercies of Bristol's public transport system. Well the trains anyway - I'm sure the buses will intimidate the hell out of me as I pedal laboriously along Bristol's streets.

Thanks to all those that contributed to my lovely present!

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