Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Reading - by Theo

We've been a bit quiet on the blog of late and one of the reasons is the mountain of reading I've got to get through before my PGCE course starts in earnest in mid-September. A couple of books by David Crystal on the English language have been enlightening, entertaining and occasionally hilarious. Bennett and Royle's Introduction to Literary Criticism, which was on my undergraduate reading list, and Shepherd and Wallis's Studying Plays have made it clear to me why I only got a class 2:1 bachelor's degree. Meanwhile the reading I've been doing on Literacy (Beard (ed) & Garton) has been fascinating and not just from a teaching perspective. It's been amazing to discover how Rosie is acquiring language and what exactly we can do (and shouldn't do) to help her.

Plus it didn't help that we finally got 6 boxes of books down from my parents' attic - so naturally I've had to spend ages arranging and then rearranging them!

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