Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"The Pasty" - by Theo

The photo, I feel speaks for itself. It was Rosie's first ever pasty and thus, as far as she was concerned, 'the' pasty.

Rosie has, quite hilariously, discovered the definite article. "The", accompanying practically every noun, English or Spanish, is now a common feature of Rosie's burgeoning vocabulary. It also does strange things to the following word, making the vowel longer and drawn out, and thus increasing the comedy value. So whereas before she would have just pointed at her bed and chirped out a clipped, terse, short-voweled "Cot" (or "Cuna") now it becomes a plaintive, urgent, portentous "THE CO-OT!" In this particular instance she is of course grammatically correct, but versions such as "The Papa" or "The Fork" or even "The Mano" ("no, Rosie, tienes que decir 'La Mano'") are also regularly produced.

Nothing, though, is quite so hilarious as when she wails, like one in terror of a dreaded and yet inevitable doom, "The Poo!"

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