Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ouch! By Kate

Theo and I are basically peaceable types. Well, we both rabbit on a fair bit and have a tendency to speak in loud voices, but it would take a lot for either of us to lash out in anger. We're Pen Mightier Than The Sword people on the whole.

So where has our daughter's violent streak come from?

I've sported myriad red marks from Rosie's pinching fingers, had blood drawn by her scratching nails and a ribbon of bruises decorating my shoulders from her over-zealous rooting.

As evidenced in the clip below, all hair is fair game.

But what's most disturbing is the casual nature of Rosie's savagery. I say "ow" and she thinks it's a huge joke. She just laughs and pokes a finger in my eye.

Wearing Rosie in the sling has become an especially hazardous business. Although, the comedy value of observing her expertise at tweaking Theo's chest hairs can't be understated. Who said schadenfreude was dead?

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