Sunday, 14 November 2010

damn...forgot the camera! - by Theo

We keep forgetting the camera, which is unlike us, and rather annoying as there have been a fair few photos ops of worth lately.
First of all we had a lovely afternoon over at Bianca and Ollie's (Stephane was away) on Tuesday. It was yet another public holiday, and Kate had volunteered my chefing services to Rosie's pal Ollie's Mum. Ollie's got a nice big carpet to roll/sky dive on, as well as plenty of toys, and they were both quite chuffed to see each other, which was very sweet. Bianca grabbed a few shots, but we were sadly sans camera.
The next occasion was just pure forgetfulness on our part, as we were at home when one of Kate's former employers Brigid popped round for lunch. Originally from Liverpool Brigid is great company, but as she's such an international jet-setter, dividing her time between Madrid and Amsterdam, we rarely get to see her, which is why it was doubly a shame that we neglected to get a photo of her with Rosie.
Clearly we had not yet learned our lesson as we again forgot to take the camera with us yesterday when we ventured out for a walk in the old Royal hunting grounds and former civil war battlefield, the Casa del Campo. Our friends Rebecca and Fermin had invited us for a delicious veggie lunch at their posh new pad in Aluche and suggested a pre-lunch constitutional in the park beforehand. A marvelous idea and sadly one that will have to make do with with this blog by way of documentation.

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