Wednesday, 9 June 2010

when is a chair not a chair? - by Theo

When is a chair not a chair? Well, when it's a baby gym of course! I came home from work one day to find that Kate had improvised a little baby gym for Rosie by tying toys to the underneath of one of the dining room chairs. Rosie then lies underneath on the lovely quilted blanket my Auntie Debbie made for her and, voila, baby gym. At first she just stared up in wonder, but after a few days she started to grasp the fact that if she bopped things with her hands they would move - it's been invaluable for keeping her entertained!

Incidentally, it's no longer as morbid as it looks - the bear is now hanging by it's foot rather than its neck after I pointed out how unsuitable it was for a baby!

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  1. So Cute! We have the bear hunt bear too, Arlo loves the story :D Rhi x