Saturday, 19 June 2010


Naturally, Kate and I have been trying our hardest to tempt as many friends and family to come out to Madrid to visit as possible, dangling the carrot of picnics in the Retiro, beers on pavement cafes and guaranteed great weather as an added bribe.
So, naturally, when my bw (best-woman) Poppy finally made it over from Brussels it rained nearly the whole time. Typical. Still, who needs the sun, right? In fact it was just like old times - as if we were still in Bristol!!Pom was en route, in a strange kind of way, to Dublin for a conference and naturally we couldn't possibly send her off to Ireland without a hang-over. Cue two nights out on the town, sampling the vast array of night-life Madrid has on offer, from the sublime (Mercardo de San Miguel) to the ridiculous (LaTina Turner in La Latina) to the just plain crap (most of Calle Huertas). Tapas clubbing.
There was some non-beverage based cultural action - a trip to see Guernica, some sight-seeing, but mostly out non-drinking time was spent doing some serious catching up (we hadn't seen Poppy since we moved to Madrid), sharing some quality gossip, and gurgling at Rosie, who was a star as ever.

Next time Pom there will be sun, we promise!

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