Monday, 19 April 2010

vote Lib Dem get Cons/Lab for the next 5 years. DON'T vote Lib Dem, get them for the next 50

"A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Labour" say the Tories; "A vote for the Lib Dems will let in the Tories" say Labour. It's a ridiculous tautology, a preposterous truism based on the premise that those who wish to be rid of Labour/stop the Tories don't care about who gets in/stays in instead.

This is plainly wrong. There must be millions of Britons, fed up with Labour who don't want a Conservative Government. 23% voted for the Lib Dems in 2005, not to mention those who voted for the Greens, Respect, Plaid Cymr, the SNP and two other parties who will not be named. Yet, Labour and the Conservatives are still attempting to say that an alternative vote is a wasted vote and will only let in the other side. As if there was no such thing as voting your conscience.

I read on The Economist recently that he Liberal Democrats have 1 MP for every 97,000 votes received; Labour has one for 27,000 votes, the Conservatives 1 for ever 48,000. This is plainly unfair, and disenfranchises thousands of voters. Yet it is only with a hung Parliament (or dare we hope a Lib Dem-minority party coalition) that we will get election reform to address this imbalance. Labour have had 13 years to do it, but they won't.

The Lib Dems have never had a better opportunity to gain a foothold in government and force electoral reform. Even if you don't support their policies - and I confess that I do - then surely the idea of a future third option in future elections is reason enough to vote for them now. If not now then never. If you don't vote Liberal Democrat now, say 'hello' to another 50 years of Labour and the Conservatives passing the baton.

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