Sunday, 18 April 2010

Noche de Misterio

Last night, the 11-strong international criminal gang behind the Ocean Initiatives robbery gathered at the flat of Scarlett "Thrice" Nightly in downtown Madrid to split their haul. Don Paulo "The Step-Father" Testoronio, the mob master mind behind the heist, had arrived with the cash and stashed it somewhere. Unfortunately for him he was as detested as he was feared by the motely collection of criminals, gangsters and lushes he had assembled; he wasn't likely to last the night. Unfortunately for them the poison somebody slipped him kicked in before he'd dolled out the cash.
Cue a frantic search of the flat following cryptic clues to find the stash and select a scapegoat to hang out to dry for the death of the Testoronio family patriarch. There was no honour among thieves, and as the initial chaos subsided there was a rash of blackmail, speculation, accusations and challenges among those gathered (including such underhand tactics as stealing the clues - not in the script!) No stone - or picture - was left unturned.
Eventually Constancia "Cracker" Colinas, the spurned former Miss Murcia, found where Don Paulo had hidden the cold hard cash. Relief flooded the room. All that remained was to unmask the killer. Suspicious to the end, the gang-members finally pooled their knowledge. Chiara "60 Segundos" Di Namite, the glamorous Italian explosives expert, was the first to grasp the shocking implications of their revelations.It was Babyface!! The pint sized kitten burglar, obsessed with Scarlett, had clearly decided that with Don Paulo out the way there would be less competition for the nightclub singer's affections. Milk, not money, had been the motivation all along.

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