Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cumpleaños a ti...

It was our venezuelan friend David´s birthday on Friday and so Saturday night saw us heading to his and Nataly´s flat for a fiesta. Jez and I were a little stiff and sore after an afternoon´s cycling around Casa de Campo, and were grateful to park ourselves on the sofa while trying to hide our glasses (as David would fill them up again immediately if he thought the levels were getting low). Belen and Cesar were there, as well as an old friend of David´s (also called David) and his girlfriend Olga. Everyone made a big effort to try our their English with Jez and to humour our attempts at Spanish. Personally I feel I´m nearly there on the language front, understanding most of what is said to me but still struggling to select the right tense and person when responding.

Nataly had, as usual, laid on a delicious spread with plenty of veggie options, and as the booze flowed we pushed on into the early hours, dancing away to some of Cesar´s mix CDs. Clearly David and Nataly don´t like their neighbours very much!

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