Sunday, 2 August 2009

Farewell Madrid...hasta septiembre.

Our home for the last seven months is now mostly dismantled and piled up in bags and boxes ready for the next move. Yesterday we had a farewell picnic by the pool for those of our friends who hadn't already fled the Madrid summer heat and now we're contemplating the monster drive back.

We've already been hit by two set-backs: when Theo tried to start Sheena she point blank refused. It's almost certainly a flat battery, as she's spent most of her time in Madrid languishing in the basement garage of our flats and hasn't had a decent run for a good six weeks. Still we've got jump-leads and hopefully we'll be able to sweet-talk a car-owning friend into lending us a bit of electrical power, so hopefully it's not an insurmountable problem.

Set-back number two is Theo's health. He came back from his exertions among the youths with a raspy throat which has now deteriorated into a snotty-coughy cold. Not really the best condition to be in when about to embark on a fourteen-hour road trip to France, but hopefully it'll ease off in the next twenty-four hours or so before we hit the highway. If not, we'll just have to delay our departure until he's feeling up to it.

How do I feel about leaving Madrid, albeit temporarily? Fairly neutral, actually. It's been a fantastic seven months in so many ways and I've grown fond of the city, for all its noisy hot smellyness, but the idea of a holiday is extremely appealing. Getting out of the aforementioned noisy hot smellyness is part of the reason, the other part is seeing the loved-ones we haven't clapped eyes on since Christmas. Yep, I'm really looking forward to going back to England for a wee while. And I suspect, by the time we're leaving for Madrid again, the weather and Swine flu outbreak will make me relieved to be going back to Spain. Hasta pronto!

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