Friday, 31 July 2009

little buggers

I rather question the wisdom of not starting the teenagers' party until midnight - really, if we wanted them to go to bed and stay there it would have been more sensible to have finished earlier than 2am. As, inevitably, several teens hooked up with a member of the opposite sex in the brand new disco at La Alberca, us counselors spent the majority of the night patrolling the grounds with torches and water-pistols trying to ensure the teens stayed in their own bungalows. Thankfully they didn't - I mean it would have been incredibly dull if they had all been good - with at least 7 teens being caught either climbing out of or into windows. Seeing as I busted all seven of them personally, requiring my water pistol to be repeatedly refilled, I wasn't too bothered by this; in fact I was quite enjoying it. Funnily enough the only thing I ever got in trouble for at boarding school was being out of my room at night, so I didn't really feel I was in any position to criticise. However, some of the other counselors took it very seriously, treating it almost as a personal insult, and when I finally caught the last 3 by staking out their bungalow as the other staff ran around searching the grounds, a rather intense Guantanamo Bay style interrogation began! Having been assured that none of the campers had any alcohol (or worse) and having nipped the after-hours party squarely in the bud, we finally made it to bed at 5.30am. The effect of this on my fellow counselors (seen below in white) was rather predictable.

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