Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Travelling Top Trumps

Well, we already knew that we hardly ranked alongside Phileas Fogg or even Michael Palin in a Travellers Top Trumps set, but we didn't think we were doing too badly at being adventurous. Not just in where we've been and where we're going, but the lifestyle change it has meant for both of us, the huge down sizing required to live out of the van which has been our home for 5 months now.

Today though we met the Millers. This American couple with their FOUR children aged 6 to 12 have sold their house and quit their jobs to travel around Europe and North Africa for 15 months. By bicycle. Wow! We are in awe. Check out their website: www.edventureproject.com

It made a fantastic contrast to the (very friendly) antipodean types who rolled in to the Viennese campsite on the Kontiki Express. 22 countries in 46 days - made us feel knackered just thinking about it.

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