Tuesday, 2 September 2008

found it...

We´ve found the summer - it´s here in Berlin masquerading as Autumn.

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  1. I love Germany - especially sausage.

    I'd like to comment on your anaolgy about how difficult it is to buy cothes for someone you don't even know. That is indeed very trickey. But, yestrday, I found that something much more difficult is buying clothes for someone you do know (e.g. your sister) if you have no idea what size she is. Buying anything for a 14 year-old is impossible to do without seeming like the sad older brother trying too hard to be cool or the sad older brother who doesn't know anything that's cool. Usually the Animal shop on the Triangle is a safe bet for Tori (sister) but recently adolescence has forced her into a rather unusual shape and there's no way I could guess what size might fit which part of her body. I hope she likes flip flops. Hence, I'd much rather buy for someone I've never met and get them to try and buy stuff for my family without offending them.

    Sounds like you guys are still having a stupid amount of fun. You shold pop back soon though - check out your sister's new pad...very gert lush.

    See yo soon friends