Sunday, 6 April 2008

Nantes (not the song by Beruit)

Human beings are a varied and bizarre species, full of kindness and cruelty in often equal measure. Today, however, we truly lucked in, finding two chock full of the former in Nantes. Gina we had got in touch with through the Global Freeloaders site and she had very kindly offered the use of her kitchen and bathroom despite her impending finals. We found our way to her charming if bijou one bedroom apartment in central Nantes easily enough - thankfully being a Sunday the traffic wasn't too hectic and the parking was free. It was nice just to be able to sit down somewhere, chill out and, yes, update the blog! Gina is a masters student, originally from the Island of Reunion, studying marketing and communication. teaching a bit of piano on the side to help fund her studies and beautifully chic pad. She treated us to a bit of Chopin while we were hanging out.

Soon her equally stylish boyfriend and fellow student Damien turned up, and promptly offered us the use of his even more bijou flat just around the corner! How could we refuse!? It certainly beat free camping on the streets of Nantes, which is what we had been planning. Naturally we had to thank them, so we took them out to dinner, which was great and it meant a change for us (in company, not in diet - Gallettes again!) and a chance to practice our French properly and find out what les jeunes francaises really think about Carla and Nico...

Tomorrow we're going to check out Nantes and then later catch a bit of Bristol in the form of Crippled Black Phoenix at a nearby venue.

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