Monday, 16 July 2012

Catching Theo

So we haven't blogged for a while as we've been pretty busy...

Buying a house:
We've found a lovely three-bedroom semi in north Bristol, near where I'm going to be working from September. Things are going relatively smoothly - the surveyor's report threw up a few kinks, but nothing major - and we're hoping to complete on August 1st.

Starting a new (old) job:
I'm back at the language school where I taught last summer. Teaching a class of 9, adult, motivated students who are genuinely interested in the topic has been an absolute pleasure. I am wondering why the hell I wanted to switch from TEFL to teaching in secondary schools?

After my PGCE course finished we sped down to Cornwall for the weekend, then back up the M5 to Oxford, before heading to a few kids' parties in Bristol, hit Domstock in Fairford and I managed to catch up with some old friends in London last Saturday.

And being parents of course.

Actually, we're thinking of stopping the blog after August. We seem to have both run out of steam a bit and, as I'm about to take up a teaching role, reducing my web-presence would be no bad thing. The blog which began as a chronicle of our wedding preparations, then our honeymoon, followed by our life in Madrid, seems to have run its course. It may be time to move on...

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