Sunday, 17 June 2012

Limbo - by Theo

If we've been quiet on the blog recently it may because we feel a little like we're in limbo. We're waiting.

We've found a house, agreed a price, appointed a solicitor and are now just waiting on a green light from the mortgage company and a decision on a moving date: it could be July 1st or it could be August 1st. Until then we're in Limbo.

I've nearly finished my course: my last assignment has been handed in, just one more week (more like half a week actually, as Wednesday is a day off and Friday only exists in theory) and then I'm done. I then I wait to start work. I no longer feel like a student, but I don't yet feel like a teacher. Limbo.

And of course...

...Rosie is waiting impatiently for the arrival of her little baby brother! 2 months!

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